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Secure Data Destruction

Most people are well aware of the risks and dangers that can occur if sensitive data falls into the wrong hands, yet hundreds and thousands of computer hard drives and other electronic media, are discarded every year filled with easily recovered data, bringing with it potentially devastating outcomes.

D&L IT Recycling Ltd offers secure data destruction to protect our donor's from the risks associated with data disposal.

In order to have your hard drive reused safely, its entire contents must be erased.

Depending on the donor's requirements we achieve this by overwriting all of the data on the drive either:

  • a basic wipe which is free of charge


  • using CESG approved software which includes certification

This process securely and permanently removes the entire contents of the drive, and is therefore environmentally friendly as it allows the drive to be safely used again. Our data destruction service guarantees high security and full compliance with the Data Protection Act and the WEEE directive on waste management.

Any device which fails the wiping process will be disassembled and the drive platters are physically destroyed enabling the rest of the device to be recycled safely and securely in an environmentally friendly manner.

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